A letter to parents about sports

 Dear parent or guardian, 

First off I would like to say how excited we are that you have chosen Idlewild as your place to play sports. We strive for the best and hope that you and your player have a wonderful experience with us. There are many contributors that make a successful season including strong coaches, good sportsmanship, players, organized administration and you. 

Parents play a special role in our program, without you there would be no recreation and we are appreciative of what you do. I would like for you to consider a couple of things before making the commitment to an Idlewild team. One, to be a strong team all the players should be present at practices and games. Please make sure that you and your player are willing to make that pledge to the team. In the past, teams have struggled when players do not show up for practices and/ or games. When this happens, it is unfair to the other parents, players, and coaches that are present. If you are not able to make a commitment of a twice a week either games or practices, please reconsider registering your child in this particular program. We reserve the right to remove a player off a team that has not been present during the first two weeks of practices or games unless it was discussed beforehand, so that a player on the waiting list can have an opportunity. There will be no refund if this happens.

Secondly, a good coach is so important to a team. That person needs to be able to focus on teaching, praising, and molding our children for the future. This alone is a task that not all of us can do. However, there are other ways we can help make a successful season. I would like for you to think about ways in which you can help with the team. These are just some of the ways to get involved: 

Team parent- helps organize a snack schedule and possibly an end of the year party for the players

 Snacks- each game a different parent can bring snacks for the kids 

Assistant Coach- during practice and games you can assist the coach when needed, or in a game assist on the field

This is a good opportunity for your child to learn, grow, get exercise, and meet new friends. Our staff takes pride in what we do and feel it is an accomplishment when we see our players succeed.  We are excited that you have chosen to play at Idlewild and if there is anything that you need from us to make your season a great one, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Many blessings,
Jacob Pierce

Director of Recreation Ministry
901-726-4681 EX. 225


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